WA Square Dance Federation Pictures

Welcome to the "companion website" for the:

Square and Folk Dance Federation of WA State 

The purpose & "FOCUS" (pun intended) for this site is for posting pictures and video (like the examples below) of #SquareDancers and #RoundDancers of all ages #SeenHavingFun at dances all across our state.

[ NOTE !!: The site is still in it's infancy as a "Work-In-Progress" … so, the bulk of the "content" you can explore right now is under the RAINIER COUNCIL link below . Select the RAINIER COUNCIL link and then, as another example, select the SWINGNUTS Square Dance Club (under the "Clubs" heading) to get a better idea of what the site will look like once clubs start posting their own pictures and videos.]

Detailed SITE NAVIGATION instructions are here if you need them.

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