Admin & Assistant Admin Responsibilities

Lane Johnston (just another square-dancer/volunteer) is the site's primary "ADMIN", and is responsible for the creation of (and any major changes to) the site's basic design, including ongoing overall site maintenance. Please share any feedback you might have about the site (suggestions, requests, concerns and complaints) by clicking on the three dots (or the Email icon) at the very top of the Homepage.

AUTHORIZED ASSISTANT ADMINS ("AAA's") are volunteers* and members of the individual councils and clubs. AAA's are allowed to create photo galleries for dance events for their council or club. AAA's may also provide Guest Upload Links for specific galleries, thus allowing attendees at those events to easily upload pictures to that specific gallery using their smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers without having to log into with a password. 

* If you would like to become an AAA, contact your Council or Club President to volunteer. Once authorized, you will be issued an "Assistant's" password to access the site.

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